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Secure Document Verification System.

This IHRDC-CIPDH Secure Document Verification System allows you to verify the internal secure documents of International Human Rights Defence Committee field personnel staff. Please note, that under the IHRDC-CIPDH non-disclosure agreement, each IHRDC-CIPDH staff member is personally responsible for maintaining the information presented in this section.

To use this verification form please enter a 9 digit IHRDC-CIPDH official passport number and expiry date as indicated in document. The IHRDC-CIPDH verification system will perform the personal data of IHRDC-CIPDH official passport holder, his status, photo and IHRDC-CIPDH category staff level.

If the IHRDC-CIPDH secure document verification system doest have information on your request, please contact IHRDC-CIPDH Secretary or use this form.